Great Ways to Save Money on Car Insurance

If you drive an auto, truck or motorcycle you are required by law to purchase auto insurance. However, auto insurance can be expensive. You can save money on auto insurance by switching to another insurance company.

Avoid switching companies based solely on price. You must consider other factors such as customer service, reputation, claim processing time, deductibles, and claim guidelines. Learn more at

You can switch insurance companies by cancelling a policy or by not renewing your existing policy. Ensure that there are no gaps in your insurance coverage.

Make sure your new policy starts prior to the end date of your old policy but no later than the end date of your old policy. If you don’t want to switch auto insurance company you can follow these simple tips to save money with your existing auto insurance company.


  1. Remove roadside assistance if you currently have it with another company
  2. Skip optional features and only buy what you need
  3. Get a free yearly assessment to ensure you have the right amount of coverage

Consider Car Make and Model

  1. Buy cars that are fuel-efficient
  2. Drive a car with safety features
  3. Buy cars that are less expensive to insure

Comparison Shop

  1. Select a reputable company that has good recommendations with Motor Trends
  2. Ask about competitor price matching
  3. Not all insurance companies are the same – some cater to high risk drivers, some cater to low-risk drivers

Ask About Perks

  1. Ask about group plans
  2. Mention that you work in a low risk industry
  3. Get usage based insurance (UBI), install a small device in your car that transmits data to the insurance company
  4. Ask about discounts

Ask About Money Savings Tips

  1. Purchase minimum allowable medical and insurance coverage in your state
  2. Use discounts from other providers or partners to get a lower premium
  3. Increase deductibles to lower monthly payment
  4. Pay bi-annually or annually to save money
  5. Setup recurring payments to save money
  6. Bundle policies

DIY Money Saving Tips

  1. Sign up for estatements
  2. Only file claims for major accidents or issues
  3. Keep a clean driving record
  4. Maintain good credit
  5. Consider driving less to get a low mileage discount

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