How to Look Stylist on a Budget


Cheap Chic - How to look stylish on a budget ...

Trends don’t last long. The health industry trends with the Keto diet, Paelo diet, Weight Watchers, and the Whole 30 diet. Social media trends such as Whatsapp, Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat, Youtube, Line and more. Automobile trends such as I was caught up in trends when I worked at my first job. I quickly realized that keeping up with trends was expensive and decided to change my spending habits.

Consumers spend more money on purchases than necessary. Consumers who buy trends usually do not manage their money wisely and are caught in the frenzy of buying trends to fill a void in their life.

Many consumers go into debt buying trends when they know they really cannot afford it but do so to “fit it” hoping to look stylish. Trends go out of style very quickly and are a huge waste of money. Trends are high priced and in many cases are not worth the cost. Here are 10 ways to look stylish on a budget.


  • Buy clothes, accessories, and other items from thrift stores, consignment stores, outlets, or other discount stores.


  • Mix and match pieces.
  • Add accessories to boost the look.


  • Buy in terms of quality instead of quantity. Quality purchases last much longer.
  • Buy in terms of style, materials used to make the item, warranty, and reputation of the company.
  • Start tracking your spending to see how much you spend on trends in a month.


  • Become an educated consumer.
  • Learn how to comparison shop and how to determine the quality of an item before purchasing it.
  • Read reviews on items that you are considering purchasing to see what others have to say about the item.
  • Read fashion blogs or websites to get additional information.