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Harrine has impacted over one million people through her books, seminars, newsletter and hundreds of media appearances on Yahoo, US News and World Report, Huffington Post, Time, and The Washington Post, and appearing on Fox, CBS, NBC and many more where she shared her strategies for generating wealth.


1 Enjoy FREE content

You will find tons of valuable and free content from Harrine on the blog. Harrine has also been sending out a free newsletter for over seven years and has reached thousands with it worldwide. This is the greatest place to get her latest articles, advice, and updates sent directly to your inbox. Join hundreds of thousands of happy subscribers in discovering how to live your dreams!

2 Get a Book

Harrine’s books are a great way to get started on your journey to live rich – starting today! Not sure where to begin? Harrine’s popular book, How to Get Out of Debt: Get An “A” Credit Rating for Free has helped hundreds of thousands of people around the world better manage their finances so they can enjoy their life, without constant financial stress. Available right now online.

3 Book Harrine as a speaker

Harrine has been speaking and teaching since 2010, and has spoken to over thousands of people in audiences throughout the world. Harrine is typically brought in to be the keynote speaker of an event. Most of her events focus on one of her key speeches – Generate Wealth Now, Live the Life You Always Wanted, and Dreams Do Come True. Harrine keeps her speaking engagements to a small number of selective events per year. If you have an upcoming event and a speaker budget, reach out to Harrine to discuss the possibilities. Due to Harrine’s schedule, he is unable to accommodate free speaking requests.

4 Hire Harrine to partner, consult and/or JV

This option is only for the corporate-funded partners. This involves a multi-year exclusive partnership, and involves co-branded financial education material and a spokesperson role. If you are looking for a consumer-brand-facing financial education campaign, and are looking to help millions, contact Harrine. We are very experienced with these specific relationships, and we are highly selective about the partners with whom we will align ourselves.

5 Media requests

Harrine loves the media, and has done thousands of interviews over her career – touching hundreds of millions of people worldwide. Please email Harrine with your media request, including specifics on your deadline, audience and reach. Due to Harrine’s schedule, we are unable to accommodate all requests, however, we promise a fast response so you’ll know if we can meet your timely request.