Success Stories

My credit score was so low I didn’t think I would ever be able to buy anything, let alone a house. I saw the website for H.E. Freeman Enterprises and decided to give them a call. They were very professional and laid out a plan for me to follow. I did everything they recommended and I no longer felt like a criminal. It took some time but I was able to pay most of my bills and am in the process of going to settlement for my first home. Thank you H.E. Freeman Enterprises. I am going to tell everyone I know about your services. Thanks again

T. Williams
, Arlington, VA, Teacher

Harrine Freeman has been a real blessing to our community. Her knowledge, insight and passion to educate and inform others on the dynamics of finances and money are amazing. I have the blessings of having her as regular guest on my talk show once or twice a year and I have had her host one of my seminars on Financially Empowering Black Women. She did a remarkable presentation that everyone truly benefited from! Her connection to understanding the human mind and habits makes her work stand out from others in her field.

DJ One Luv
, Washington, DC, DJ

I never knew that all this information that could negatively influence my credit score existed on my credit, until Harrine thoroughly reviewed my credit and brought them to my attention. She contacted the creditors, and composed letters to the various agencies. She provided me with excellent resources for purchasing a home once my credit scores were at an acceptable point.

N. Lafortune
, Upper Marlboro, MD, Financial Specialist

Harrine Freeman has provided me with plenty of resource information relative to credit, debt and how to go about obtaining a loan modification. For that I’m thankful because I recently began the loan modification process through one of the organizations that she referred me to and I’m on my way to reducing my home payment, reducing my debt and improving my credit!

T. Dot
, Maryland, Makeup Artist

H.E. Freeman Enterprises helped me increase my credit score and accomplish my dream of being an entrepreneur.

O. Fung
, New Mexico, Non-Profit Employee

H.E. Freeman Enterprises helped me increase my credit score by 150 points.

K. Jackson
, New Jersey, Corporate Employee

I never imagined I could be a homeowner, I was a renter for over ten years. H.E. Freeman Enterprises helped me achieve an unrealized dream.

E. Carter
, Philadelphia, PA - Government Employee

H.E. Freeman Enterprises helped me pay off my debt. I was able to save my job and purchase a home.

J. Percy
, Los Angeles, CA, Paralegal

I had been struggling with my bills and wondering if I would ever get things in order. A friend told me about Harrine’s company, so I contacted her, instantly she gave me some pointers on how to manage my money and become debt free. Thanks to Harrine and her knowledge, dedication & resources I am well on my way to becoming debt free and I will be closing on a brand new house in February 2007. I recommend her to anyone who is struggling with their finances and in need of guidance to get on the right path. I can’t thank her enough for helping me get back on that path. Thank you, thank you!! God Bless.

Elizabeth Gardner
, Trenton, NJ, Government Employee

Harrine Freeman changed my life tremendously. I was young man who was just released into the real world and I couldn’t wait to get my first credit card. I was in college swiping credit cards as if the money was free not knowing I was on a road to destruction. I soon found out that my reckless credit frenzy would prevent me from purchasing things I now wanted in life. Little did I know that I would later be introduced to Ms. Freeman. She has changed my whole way of thinking with her knowledge and guidance. I am proud to say that I am now a new car and home owner in my early twenties, all thanks to Ms. Freeman.

A. Turner
, Fort Washington, MD, Salesperson

As an executive manager I was embarrassed to let anyone know I was living paycheck to paycheck. H.E. Freeman Enterprises helped me pay down my debt and create an emergency fund. I also scaled back my lifestyle and am now on target to meet my retirement goal.

Tom Brownstein
, Boston, MA Executive Manager

Thanks to H.E. Freeman Enterprises I was able to negotiate payment plans with my creditors that will not cause me MORE debt. Harrine’s advice is something that I will hold on to for a lifetime! Thanks for the eye opener.

V. Keaton
, Temple Hills, MD - Payroll Caseworker

In the short amount of time I’ve know Harrine through interaction on the phone, I have to say she’s one of the nicest, most sincere, reliable persons I know. What she’s done for me this year I can’t thank her enough in words. This woman with her schedule and the amount of people she has relying on her took the time and helped bring up my credit score as if I were her only client. This definitely speaks for itself, Harrine I want to give you a heartfelt thank you. I’ve found a real friend in you someone who I can rely on. You are very compassionate, caring, and committed – the three C’s.

R. Asanti
Plainsboro, NJ, Actor

This company saved my life. I had repossession, collections, I couldn’t pay my bills, and I didn’t know what to do. My friend told me about H.E. Freeman Enterprises credit repair services, so I called. There were no monthly fees, no initial fee, only a one-time fee. They worked with me to help repair my credit, remove me from junk mail listing and treated me as if I was the only customer. They provided services beyond what I expected. I recommend everyone to use this company. My only regret is that I wish I had never gotten in this situation, but thanks to H.E. Freeman Enterprises I have a new life!

S. Johnson
, Hyattsville, MD, Housewife

I had been struggling for years to manage my money. H.E. Freeman Enterprises helped me to track my spending, start saving, pay down debt and increase my credit score. I feel like a new man.

S. Wash
, NY, NY Writer

I’m so glad I contacted H.E. Freeman Enterprises. They treated me as though I was their only customer. I was able to avoid bankruptcy and save my home.

I. Long
, Atlanta, GA, Airline Employee

Thanks to Harrine’s credit repair service, not only am I now enjoying a credit score in the 700’s, I actually understand my credit, and what affects my credit. I went from almost foreclosure, to owning 2 homes, 4 credit cards with 0 balances, money in the bank, and am never told no, when I apply for anything

N. Turner
, Bryans Road, MD, Programmer

I would like to highly recommend your viewers to purchase this book as I have already referred several clients myself. I can accredit my success and accomplishments to H.E. Freeman Enterprises for not only their service, but their advice as well.

M. Smith
, Washington, DC, Programmer

I was laid off over the summer and in debt. As a result, I moved back to my hometown to start anew. I reconnected with Harrine Freeman of H.E. Freeman Enterprises who literally took me by the hand to help me reestablish my financial and personal goals. Promptly, I received emails of those goals, spreadsheets and instructions every week from Harrine. She held me accountable of the money I was spending, as well as assisting me to use the God-given talents I was born with to generate wealth. After cutting back tremendously on my spending, sacrificing and constantly keeping abreast of my financial and personal goals, I was able to save over $4,500 in savings in less than three months. In addition, I am blessed to report that I am totally DEBT-FREE! Harrine was truly used by God to assist me. While I’m still keeping a close eye on my spending, I have a job that’s a passion to work with the youth and I am embarking on a business in the making. Thanks Harrine. Your book, How to get out of debt, is doing wonders.

L. T. Young
, Washington, DC, Freelance Writer

I was once in a situation where I thought there was no way out and I could not reach my financial goal any time soon. Since then, H.E. Freeman Enterprises has guided me to taking all the necessary steps needed to reach my goals. I now have gone from bankruptcy and surrendering my personal possessions, to rebuilding my credit, purchasing two vehicles since then (including a luxury car), a single family home, credit cards (with very low balances), and a highly paid job. My next goal is to own my own business which I am now in the process of doing. All of this wouldn’t be possible if I hadn’t acted on their words of wisdom. So, I would just like to say “Thank You” once again for saving my sanity!!!

T. Hayes
, Bryans Road, MD, Project Manager

H.E. Freeman Enterprises helped me become a homeowner.

S. Polk
, Los Angeles, Trainer